Free MATLAB and Simulink license available and new resources


The licenses for the new season are now available. Please request your licenses on our VEX Robotics page.

Here are some new resources to help teams get started:

Feel free to ask any questions. We look forward to supporting all of you this season!


MATLAB and Simulink Robotics Arena


Are there any plans to support the IMU as well as the upcoming sensors such as the rangefinder?


I’m legitimately curious how many teams use this software

I’d imagine the number of MATLAB programmed robots in competition is probably less than 10

I can see it being used more in classroom though i guess

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Definitely! All sensors are planned to be supported. Since we are a very large product it just takes us some time to develop and test the new features after the sensors are released.

However, we can probably make a Beta version for the inertial sensor block available. Please like this comment! Or email us, that way we can track interest. I will likely post in the forums as well once it is available :slight_smile:





Last season we sponsored close to 260 teams and I believe closer to 400 users. You are also right! We do work closely with some teachers who give us great input on features and content suggestions, as well as VEX U teams since they are already familiar with MATLAB and Simulink.

If you want to try it out we would welcome suggestions! We are always available to help the sponsored teams.

Hope that helps.




One thing I have found very powerful about simulink in my own studies is the efficacy of its simulation for testing controllers. In my classes we could simulate a 3 degree of freedom arm and construct increasing sophisticated controllers and the tuned gains from simulation worked near flawlessly on the real system.

So my question is has there been any thought into doing experiments with a V5 motor to fit all of this parameters.

I have looked into this myself, and it might require inquiring with vex into how they do current limiting to get a super accurate model. But current limiting on motor controllers is not unheard of, even if I don’t happen to remember if Matlab has support for that somewhere.



We certainly have great support for motor modeling. In fact, we just released a Motor Control Blockset which all VEX participants should have access as well. If anybody would be interested in collaborating with us to release an accurate motor model we can certainly assist. So far we don’t have access to any additional motor data :cry:




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