Free Parts for an LA team

 Last year was team 6007X’s last year competing. Over our 6 years of competition, we accumulated a ton of parts. Appart from our worlds robots, I’ve got no use for any of it anymore, so it’s sitting in my garage gathering dust. Any team who wants to is welcome to come and take them for free. I live in the Hollywood Hills  (Los Angeles area). PM me for details. 

Note: all of our electronics is V4.

In terms of cubic feet, how much is there? I’m going to be in LA next Friday and might be interested.

Whoever gets this, thank you it is very generous of you.

Not sure what you mean by cubic feet. There are a few unsorted bins of structure, lots of sorted screws and nuts, and a few partially assembled robots. If you want to put it in a suit case, I doubt you’ll be able to fit it all, unless you are willing to disassemble some stuff first, and do a lot of work packing.

PM sent

I also PM’d you

Can you PM me?

live in LA county too, but we don’t need the parts as much as some teams probably do. Thank you, really generous.

Can u PM me? Please. I live nearby.

thanoooob07 and I are on the same team. 3324X

Wow! That was fast. As of this morning, every part in my garage has been either picked up, or asked for specifically by a certain team. If people don’t show up picking up parts that they say they will, these parts might be available again, but, as of now, I’m all cleaned out.

Oh okay. Thank you!