Free VEX Robot Multiplayer CAD (ROBLOX)

Have you ever wanted to CAD your own robot with multiple players at the same time? Well, here you go! I made this very small game in which you can develop and make your very own robot with other players at the same time.

w, a, s, d - Move
f - Duplicate selected item
g - Delete selected item (Baseplate Parts Cannot Be Deleted)
t - Change Between Movement/Rotation Mode
q - Increase movement speed
e - Decrease movement speed
click - select the item your mouse is hovering over

I am aware that the movement is buggy and I don’t care, I made this game in just a day just to make my life a whole lot easier on myself since I am most familiar with ROBLOX, so I can CAD robots quicker on its platform. I tried to make VIP servers to be as inexpensive as possible (10 robux) so if you wish to build something that you can save and without interruption you can get one for yourself. Or, if you would wish to you can copy the game as I have granted the permission for it (Click the 3 dots next to the title to copy the game for yourself).
Hope this can help those who are extremely lazy but don’t have their robot on them to build. Enjoy I guess :man_shrugging:

EDIT//: Everything you build is client-only, which means that only you will see what you build but you can chat with other players at the same time.


I’m confused. How to play it after I enter the game?

To start building, click on any of the basemodel objects to select it and press “f” to create a duplicate model of it. I noticed that there were two separate modes so you can switch the manipulative modes (rotate/move) by pressing “t”. Click and drag the arrow or bubbles to manipulate the parts.
To delete a part you do not want, select the object and then press “g” to delete it.


Can i play this on xbox rather than pc