Free VRC field tiles San Jose Bay Area


The San Jose REC Foundation office has about four fields’ worth of foam tiles used from this previous VEX Nothing But Net season that we cannot use anymore, and we would love to make them available to any team who would like them. They are all well-used but still functional for practice, demos, and alongside VEX Starstruck Cubes, make for very comfortable naps.

These will be pick-up only. If you are in the Bay Area and interested in some free tiles, contact me at my work email, [email protected] , and we can arrange a time for you to come pick up as many or as few tiles as you’d like.

Thank you for your time,

Can I have someone pick them up for me like how worn are they are they good enough for like a practice field.

You can have someone pick them up for you, and they’re good enough to be used for practice. Nothing is ripped or shredded, just driven on a bunch.

Hi Andrew,
If you still have tiles left for 1 or 2 fields, Sacred Heart can use them. I can come by today or later this week to pick them up.

Let me know,

Hello Debbi,

We still have a large stack of tiles, easily enough for two fields, towering over my desk in the office right now. We are open anytime this week between 9am and 4pm for pickup, so just swing by the office anytime at your convenience and we’ll be happy give them to you.


Hi Andrew,
I would also like to pick up a field’s worth of tiles.

Where would I be able to come to pick them up?

Sorry for the late reply,

Our office is open anytime between 9am and 4pm for pickup. Any tiles left will be available (no promises on how many there will be by the time you arrive).