Free Web Hosting

:smiley: Does Anyone know of a good website that offers free web hosting where i can have an unlimited number of additional pages?:confused:

YES!!! Look for, You can have unlimited everything! including FTP! (all this on free account) + 1 free e-mail address

do you have to have ads on your page though?

I hate ads

PHP, No Ads, No Banners, No Text Links,
MySql Database, Cool addons (forums, ect.)

I use (for the billionth time, haha) iWeb with apple’s .Mac service, and it doesn’t require any html (unless you want to). The sites turn out really nice, and you don’t have to spend hours and hours putting html code in there and getting a mediocre web page. But I guess it kills the learning experience (cause that’s what you guys are all about).

Edit: It’s only compatible with Mac, so I don’t think any of you will be able to use it.

Google Pages is free, and it allows you to edit your pages right in your browser. I’ve used it for a few various things in the past, and it works great as a free and easy-to-use web hosting for personal/small projects.