Free Webinar - VEX Robotics CS Fundamentals

Join VEX Robotics and Jason McKenna, this evening for a FREE webinar at 6PM CDT / 7PM EDT on the VEX Robotics YouTube as we dive into the all-new Computer Science course!

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Any word on when Computer Science 2 will be rolled out?
I have quite a few students in my Robotics classes participating completely remotely (Thanks a lot, COVID!), and the rest currently only in the classroom one day a week. I am running out of VR work for them. Computer Science 1 and the VR activities have been a Godsend…and I need a miracle in another few weeks!
Never dreamed I’d be teaching Robotics to kids without access to robots, but it is what it is.

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Hi @Pamela_Cafasso Thank you for using VEXcode VR with your students. Our level 2 CS course will be rolled out sometime this fall. However, we came out with 2 new VR Playgrounds this week, along with 6 new activities. We’ll have some more activities with those Playgrounds. Also, we should have some more Playgrounds here soon. Stay tuned.


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