Freedom hall vision

Does anyone have any idea how vision sensors will work/be allowed to work in freedom hall? Imagine all the red lights and if teams can calibrate.

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I don’t know how World’s will rule it, but I’d imagine you can do whatever manual calibrations you need before the match starts (within reason). If this is really not allowed (possibly due to no laptop at field rule, etc) you should be able to “calibrate” in disabled mode (or auto or usercon) for every match by looking at a specific color/thing on the field.
This would be good to ask on official Q&A and/or the Drivers Meeting at Worlds.
Good luck!

Last year our partner in IQ had color sensors and they were allowed to come out 10 minutes prior to match to calibrate.

They do give some time to calibrate, but I don’t know how much.

Thanks, good luck to you too, I’m mostly worried about the red spotlights though