Freeze Tag bot in VEXcode

What I would like to be able to do…

Just do the same as:

And add your blocks in for the led.

I think what @Jamessalvant os getting at is that the program would be super simple if you had the ability to disable the drive train because you wouldn’t need any of the drive/joystick blocks.
You could do it this way in Modkit. In VEXcode Blocks it’s a little more longhand.

too complex for my newbie programmers… I could just show them this and they would be able to copy it… but that is not the point… too many concepts too fast… I have taught them how to set up the drivetrain and we have done some autonomous exercise using the drivetrain commands we are now using the same bot for tagbot by adding additional sensors and the controller . then we will add variables and if/then statement… and so on… hopefully this is something they can easily do in the next update.


Agreed. We’re going to add the “Controller Disable/Enable” feature in the next release, which is slated for October/November timeframe for Blocks.


This should now be fixed now.


Thank you VEX!! … Great solve… Looking forward to the update.


New update (1.0.4) is available as of today with the Controller enable/disable feature. An example project added here for reference. Let us know how it works!


FreezeTag.iqblocks (6.5 KB)


Hi – the enable/disable controller code doesn’t seem to be working. I have updated everything this morning. It doesn’t seem to disable immediately. It will disable AFTER waiting 4 seconds (even tho I have the disable code BEFORE the wait 4 secs code). Then it won’t enable again for the rest of the program. Any thoughts?

Here’s a screenshot.
16 AM

Looks like the code behind the scenes flipped the “enable / disabled” behavior… We’ll fix it for our next release.

Sorry about the issue!


Ah, I found a bug! Love it. :slight_smile: Glad to know I wasn’t crazy.