Freeze tag code

Hello! I’m in need of some help with coding, never coded before. I’m trying to set up a game of freeze tag with my 5 vex iq robots. Does anyone have a code in robot c or modkit that I could use to set this up?

I’m running out of time and my code doesn’t work correctly…


I have a bit of ROBOTC code written for use with a simple 2 motor chassis a bumper switch and a touch LED. Each robot starts with 5 lives and “tagging” the bumper of another robot causes it to loose a life. It has a few seconds of immunity before it can be hit again to allow time to get away. Drop me a PM with your email address and I’ll send it over.

I would like this code sent to me as well. We are just starting this out and I could use the help. Thanks!

I’ve attached the code to this post. The forum doesn’t allow the upload of a .c file so it’s in a zip file. (799 Bytes)

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Thanks, we are using this activity for family stem night… saved me time friend!