Freezing Code 9282 Reveal Engineering Div.

Here is our team reveal. It is a catapult bot and has 4 ball autonomous.
Can field well and shoot from all distances. Can not be blocked.
Lifts itself and sits on alliance robot in under 20 secs. 22" width underneath and goes 24" high.
So very easy to get under. We weight only #20.
If you are in Engineering division and you have a non square robot,
you can have 4 post on your corners and we can set easily on you without any harm to your bot.
Any of the squarer bots are super easy to sit on.
Good luck to all.

@osteocoach Hi! My team (3946E) is also in the engineering division. Our robot is super light, and we do not want to add a permanent frame to our robot. I suspect other teams have the same opinion. As a result, I suggest you build some frames you could lend to your alliance partners for your matches. It would be a good way to ensure that you can lift in every match.

That high lift looks amazing. Nice robot.

Doing those as we speak. I mean text.

Love the reveal and the robot. Absolutely amazing. I love the lift style and this is the only way this style should be done. Good luck at worlds.

Another interestering lift design from 9282, love it! Good luck at World this year!

That lift is super cool but I would second 3946E and say you build frames for your alliance. Also talk to them well in advance as I suspect you may have some trouble convincing some teams to let you set your robot on theirs.

bringing lots of aluminum so won’t be slowing any bot down.

The best frames you can make would screw onto the top of the bracing c-channels on each side of a robots chassis- considering those are the most commonly open spots on a robot.

exactly. Maybe well be partnered. Have fun. World’s is just mind numbing for 4 days.

Thats a great lift, looks like it would be easy to drive under.
Do you have a photo from the side? (When its lifted) I’m interested to see how you balance it, or is it just sitting on the ends of the 1x5 C channel?

Is that the robot that was in so many high scoring matches?
I agree with everyone above who say that that’s a really cool looking lift.

Man that lift is cool! Extremely unique! Good luck at worlds!

That’s the bot. The bottom of the net didn’t open so a few balls bounced out. We did not have a lift then either. Very hard to break 400 without a lift and closed bottom of the net. Im sure there will be some 400 pts rounds by some teams.