Frequency of Qualifiers

Assuming that each high school division has 100 teams (398 registered), then that means on average each team will play 1 match out of every 25 matches. How long will each match take to run (from start of one match, to start of the next one)? In the past have you remained on schedule?

The match timing will be fast – probably 3:30-4 minutes per round. Asking if “we” have remained on schedule is pretty meaningless. If teams show up on time for their matches, prepared to play, with working robots, I absolutely guarantee that we will stay on schedule. The number one reason tournaments run late is teams not being ready to play on time. So I guess the question is, do you remain on schedule?

I did phrase that incorrectly. In the past has the tournament stayed on schedule. (I’m looking for a more realistic answer, not a best cast scenario)

Generally, yes. Last year three of four HS divisions finished early. The exception was Science Division which had virtually every round of the Eliminations go to three or four matches (due to ties). You can expect that the entire event will run on time this year.

And one more question from a teammate: How many qualification matches will each team play?