Frequent Crashes in Easy C Cortex

I have experienced frequent crashes in Easy C Cortex without warning and have to save early and often to not lose too much work. I’m wondering if many other folks experience this condition. I know my co coach does. I am running on a 4 yr old Toshiba laptop 1 G Ram and Windows XP up to date with all patches, and the latest version of Easy C Cortex. I recently re-stored the Laptop to factory fresh and applied all windows updates, added no other software except Easy C and after a short time started getting the crashes again. 4 times last night alone. I get 2 pop ups at the time of the crash one says, Encountered and improper argument, and the other says a required resource was unavailable.
Easy C locks up and needs to be killed via windows task manager. I have seen this problem on my desktop computer (XP Pro 4 Gb Ram) and surprisingly my 2 year old net book with 1 Gb ram also XP shows this crash much less frequently but it has still occurred.

Anyone else experiencing this type of behavior?

Cheers Kb

We have not seen any issues with easyC Crashing nor have any been reported except yours. There is an option to make easyC auto save at compile, this would help you from loosing work. It would be helpful if you could document specifically when easyC crashes so we can help you fix the issue.

I have been trying to isolate the issues, but they seem to be random, over time. I do know one other person having the problem. The ‘lockup / crash’ seems to occur as I’m editing a block code element (if that’s the correct term). It happened just now as I copied / pasted an assignment block and tried to edit the block - blammo "encountered and improper argument’ / ‘required resource was unavailable’ pop-ups. usually I don’t get proper window re-paints either just a gray window till I move it.

The Easy C program is still running till I kill it, but I keep getting the pop ups , clicking o.k. just yields the same pop ups again.

I seem to be able to save sometimes by holding Control -s while clicking the ok on the popups. doing this recently actually got this stable for about 2-3 seconds then the error popup came back and I killed / restarted the program

I’ll checkout the save on compile, but since the error occurs while editing the code, that won’t be a cure all.
Thanks again. One time this happened I actually got a ‘crash report’ and XP / Microsoft collected data to send to Microsoft. Microsoft doesn’t usually provide any useful information so I never send the dumps to them anymore. If it would help Intellitek I would be glad to send it to them.

Can you please e-mail support at and send some screen shots of the error messages and what you were doing when they happen. We will get this fixed ASAP if we can issolate the issue.


I already have sent screen shots, and an example of the program I was working on. The problem always seems to occur when editing the code blocks. either dragging and dropping them into the program or when popping them open and entering information into them. I’ve also seen this when adding Global and local variables. It never seems to happen when compiling or monitoring the robot activity via the graphics output display.

A fix would be great as I am ot saving after every edit to minimize my losses.

Thanks Kb

Who did you send them to?

Sample code sent to:
Justin Almeida

intelitek, Inc.

Technical Support Specialist

I sent a copy of the program I was working on at the time, I have made many modifications to the code and still seeing the problem.

Thanks - Kb

If you would like us to fix the issue, I need a screen shot at the time of the crash. Preferable of any windows crash dialogs as well. This will point us in a direction. We are not able to reproduce the issue you are seeing.

How can I send screen shots to you?

When the problem happens the main application (Easyc) stops updating windows, they have frames I can move, but every attempt to close them or exit the program is met with an error dialog. I do have screen snaps of those 2 individual pop ups. the rest of the window is grey cause it fails to re-paint.

Sinc eI don’t know how to easily post pictures in the forum. I’ll transcribe the text in each of the pop ups they look like standard error dialog boxes.

One says

“Encountered an improper argument.”

They other has a red round circle with a white x in it and the text :

“A required resource was unavailable.”

I cant determine which happens first. I get them after the error occurs and I lose control of the Easy C Application. I often don’t even see the contents of the error popups they popup grey but on some crashes I have been able to get them to fill in and the text above is what I see. I will forward my prior email to the tech support alias if you like.

I would like to note that all but one times this has happened during the editing of the arguments in a function block. usually right as I pop open the function block to enter / update parameters. the main window fails to re-draw behind the pop-up (just see the wire diagram each little icon for the program function blocks disappear. then the error dialogs with the windows alert sound occur. and I have to use task manager to kill it.

To take a screen shot, hit the Print Screen key on the keyboard. Open mspaint.exe and paste. Then you can save the files and e-mail

support (at)

Oh I did that I meant I don’t know how to post pictures in the forum, without putting them on a web site first.

Cheers Kb

In Case anyone else is experiencing this but can’t post I did get some help from Intellitek, although they could not repeat my exact problem, there appears to be a problem when there are a lot of commented out blocks in your program. I went and restructured all my code to eliminate standalone comment blocks and I have had just 2 more repeats of the problem in a week. this has definitely been a great improvement. I moved the comments from standalone block into the blocks of code (inline comments) and deleted all my ‘try but comment out’ code blocks and the software has been much more responsive.

I just wanted folks to know, while a solution is not available, this workaround works well for me.

Cheers - Kb

We will be releasing a new version of easyC V2/Pro/V4 that fixes the commenting issue you found. The fix may completely eliminate your issue. Stay tuned we are working on it.