Frequent "Not connected" message during Build & Download

Often when we try to Build and Download, the build happens fine…then at download, the bottom of the open window reads 'Not connected" and the program freezes.

We try to close the window and the Windows box appears that the program is not responding, asking if we’d like to end the program now. Even that doesn’t work, so we have to restart our computer, restart EasyC, open the file, and try to download again. Most of the time that works.

This issue arises during about a third to a half of our Build and Downloads. Any ideas of how to solve this problem?

What version of easyC? Help -> About

You can kill iLoader.exe in your process list and that will fix your reboot issue.

Thanks for the reply. We’re using EasyC V2. Could you explain in more detail what you mean by, “kill iLoader.exe in your process list”? Thanks again!

Hit Ctrl + Alt + Del
Goto -> Task Manager
Processes, Find iLoader and Hit End Process