Frequent Posters?

Out of the 2581 members (and counting!) it surprises me to only see about 15 members or so that actually post frequently (1-10 times a week or more), i also notice that a lot of members join, have a few posts and then never come back

out of curiosity if you do frequently post on the Vex Forum please post here with your opinion

This forum may be seen as more of a Q&A desk than an forum by some people. They may only have joined to ask a question, and won’t be back until they have another question.

yah i thought of that, but take a look at Chief delphi and there are tons of frequent posters!!! although i guess they come back each year for six weeks!

I post when I can, and (most of the time) when I have something relevant to contribute… :wink:

Vex is one of the Coolest Things I have worked on, and I have “great joy” in sharing about Vex, but I am a very slow typer, and I find it very hard to get all I want to say, typed in a reasonable amount of time…

I used to post all the time, many of you know that, but I haven’t found a topic that I would really like to post on. Most of the topics now are about programming and stuff (which I don’t know a whole lot about) or just dumb topics that I can’t figure out why anyone would post on them. Ex.The thread that keeps getting bumped for some reason about taking over the world with robots, why people post, I don’t know. Overall, If its something I don’t care about, I’m not going to post, if its something that is benificial to people that I know or am interested in I’ll post then.

Chief Delphi is more of an FRC form than a FTC one. Sence the FTC has fewer people, we also seem to have fewer people discussing it.

Chief Delphi is supposed to be FIRST all around. Although it focuses on FRC. FTC is sometimes mentioned and FLL is very rarely mentioned.