Freshman Alliance

Are there any freshman VRC teams looking to create a alliance for Spin Up and future games if so dm me on IG @86400E

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I’m down

20 characterss


As a team member of 344E I would also be down for a team alliance.

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98548H would be down for this to.

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Does every member need to be a freshman for the team to be a freshman team?


My team 6842K is all freshman and we would join

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I guess it doesn’t really matter… Mostly up to the OP ig :man_shrugging:

not a freshmen team, but a first year team. PM if possible

4253S is totally down for it, we’re all freshmen as well.

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Nah the fact that the first response in this thread was 4 months after it was posted :skull:


We don’t really need them… right? :joy:

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Do ya’ll wana add each other’s discord then? Mine’s Dogie#0017

I’m not sure abt sharing users here but if y’all are in the VRC Discord then we can add from there.

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