Friction cloth

Hello. My team and I were thinking about wrapping our claw in a cloth you put at the bottom of drawers to stop stuff from sliding around after seeing a few other teams use it. My first question: Is this stuff legal? Also if so, how much are we permitted. It’s like a cloth with little squares omitting every other one.

This material is legal. You are able to use as much of it as you want but you will have to make sure that whatever you use is identical to what VEX sells. Identical in size, thickness and material.

The thick ones are like drawer liner. The thin ones are a bit different. Just make sure the same thickness is purchased.

Vex sells them in sheets of 12" x 15" but you can use as many sheets as you would like. Teh question is if you buy a long roll, do you have to cut them into 12x15 sheets to remain identical to Vex parts (I would think so but you may want to ask if you have visions of a wall bot net made from this stuff)

Thank you guys so much! I didn’t even realize vex sold this stuff! Looks like it’s time to do a robot reveal. Should be up in a few days!

You would have to cut a roll into 12x15 sheets. I was wondering this earlier in the season and asked a q&a on it.

These are what VEX sells:

As long it is identical to this it is considered illegal.

Another option do achieve the same goal you have is to use rubber bands stretched along the fingers. Our claw-bot implements this method.

I would expect if there is a vex-identical substitute for the friction material that is cheaper, then would be selling it. They sell all kinds of other VEX-legal parts.

We don’t sell anti-slip matting, however it can be purchased at most stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, etc).