friction mats

So I recently bought a 20 inch 6 ft long friction mat form amazon, and seeing rule <R7>. The term stated there is “identical to VEX parts”, so would I be required to cut the mats in order to use them?

Vex sells anti-slip mat in 12” by 15” mats so yes you would not be allowed any individual anti slip mat peices larger than this on your robot. No need to divide the whole sheet up though as I expect many of your peices will be smaller than the size vex sells and you can just cut these directly from your large sheet.

Actually, the maximum length is 15" for any one piece. This is not like 1/8" braided nylon rope that states you can use any length.

Here is the text of <R7> part b:

The most literal (and therefore safest) interpretation of the rule is that you wouldn’t be able to use anti-slip mat in pieces that are larger than are sold by VEX. However, note that the determination of “identical” is up to the inspectors.

This is why some teams compete at Worlds with pieces of anti-slip mat that are larger than 12 by 15. For their purposes, the inspectors determined there would be no benefit to making them cut the mat to size and rejoin it with zip ties or some other method.

There’s no guarantee your inspector will see things that way. However, it is unlikely that a single piece larger than 12 by 15 would be an advantage over multiple pieces joined to the larger size. If your inspector does see it that way, you’ll be fine using the larger piece. If he/she doesn’t, you’ll need to spend 5 minutes with a tape measure, scissors, and zipties to be fully compliant.