Friends in robotics

Okay, let me just start this by saying this is me just getting my thoughts out.

So I’m currently a senior and I’ll graduate in a month or so, but there’s one thing I need to say. I competed in a state where we’re (for some reason) really nice to each other. Let me explain. I’ve done robotics for years and the cool thing about Colorado is that we’ve always been close. If a team needed something, we let them borrow that thing. Now I’m sure a couple states would do that, sure. But hear me out.

Imagine making actual friends out of all of your competitors. I’ve done that. They’re literally my favorite people. Just through our shared interest of robotics, we’ve created a lot of memories and jokes. I used to hate the concept of working with other teams because I told myself I needed to be better than everyone. Yeah, long story short that didn’t work well. I ended up making a group chat for some of the people I knew the names of in robotics. From there, it kinda grew into this huge group of friends. image So if you take anything away from this, have fun. Winning is good and all, but winning with people who cheer you on? Sounds better to me.


This is so nice to hear!!! Throughout this season, I tried to be kind and talk to as many teams as possible. I’ve been able to learn about many teams and even have been able to become friends with teams that I looked up to in my earlier years of VEX. I also tried to talk with teams from our region, Wisconsin, but this post really makes me regret not learning most of their names or getting in contact with more of them. I will definitely take this tip going into VRC, but Wisconsin is a much bigger region than Colorado, and I’m bad at names :speak_no_evil:

I’m really happy for you, and I hope that these friendships will last long after all of your competitive robotics careers!


As a senior as well, I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon in the Unofficial Texas VEX discord server. The more active members, myself included, are all friends. In fact, I met my future roommates through that server! Theres also almost none of the classic school rivalry stuff; our school’s greatest rival, McCallum, is really friendly with us and theres really no rivalry between the robotics teams


This is great to hear and see! I am also a senior and I have been so blessed in the amount of people I have met and became friends with through my years. It’s really crazy to think back to my freshman year when I really started meeting people who were mostly seniors and to think that many of them will be graduating high school soon. It’s really great when they come to tournaments to visit or I go out of state to visit them!


Friends: the rarest vex resource


optical sensors are close


Some of the rarest but best!


I’d rather lose with friends than win alone.
It was nice to see such comradery in this competition.