Friends in Vex

I have been doing Vex Robotics for about three years. I am on team 5313A and i am the only girl. Three years later i still have trouble making friends/ keeping contact with them through robotics. Maybe the forums will help! :wink:

Hi! I’m Zoe from 5447B (the all girls team #SquadGoals), we’ve been on the same alliance a couple of times and it usually seems to go pretty well :slight_smile:

@5447B OMG SQUAD GOALS! My team loves you guys

Haha our team loves you guys too

Are you guys done with your feild for the season? My friend at WPI needs a feild to borrow for a few weeks. Do you think they could borrow it?

As friend at WPI I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

If we had a field we’d be happy to let you guys borrow it, but unfortunately, our team is too poor for that :stuck_out_tongue: . We do have a net (held together largely by tape) and the balls that we will be using up to April 5th though (We’re going to the U.S. Open). If that would be of any help, I could talk to our mentor tomorrow about lending it to you guys after that.

Anything would help!

Ok! Do you think you could DM me some more info that I could give my mentor when I talk to her?

@tabor473 If @lacsap agrees and if you have time you can probably come to our practice field on wednesdays.