Front Claw Tipping

Currently, my team has a front-dumping claw design - we have a six bar lift with a 1:7 claw, capable of holding 6 stars or a cube and 2 stars. However, we have had to use anti-tips, as we had a holonomic-x drive before this. Now, as we’ve switched to a tank drive (4 motors), we found that the tipping hasn’t gotten any better; it’s actually worse. How do so many teams not tip forwards with this type of lift/drive combination? Are there any things that you did to prevent the tipping?

It’s really about weight distribution. If you want a quick fix, though, try driving forward or just pushing the motors a little bit in the forward-driving direction (not enough to drive, just enough to resist). Most of the front tips I see happen when the drive is allowed to move backward.

What we did was add small pieces of c-channel on the front of the chassis. Either just that or you could add small wheels along with that so that you will be able to continue driving while leaning forward

Put the c-channel on the metal next to the wheel so it sticks out in front of the wheel. This stopped us from tipping forward when we had game objects in our claw

Move your tower farther back. Also you could use tips pegs. Lastly you could put some steel pieces on the robot as counter weight.

Or just move the batteries to change your weight distribution.

I found that the 4" and 12" HS axles (the thick ones) make for really nice counterweights. Put a bundle of them somewhere on your robot to shift the weight distribution.

Our teams use the plate steel for counterweight. Add just enough to lessen your issue under the robot close to the real wheels. It stacks easily.