Front Eye Issues/ Castle Crasher

It would appear that the front eye “is near object” and “detects color?” functions do not work with the castles in either of the castle crasher playgrounds.

I believe this is a bug in the software.

Does anyone have any insight? If there are Vex employees here, can this issue be rectified?

Kindly advise.

EDIT: the castle that I would like to detect is the castle with the green base.

From the VEXcode VR help file:


The is near object and detects colour will only be triggered by a object of “detectable colour”. This applies to the disks mainly I think so would be expected behaviour.


i should have specified that I am mainly referring to the green-based castle. (you can see this if you choose the POV’s other than bird’s eye)

green is one of the “detectable colors”.

the sensor detects walls. the help file indicates “objects”, not disks.

i imagine this was overlooked by the developers.