Front facing vs. Rear facing lift

Is it better to have a lift facing towards or away from the mobile goal lift. I know that the stacking time will most likely increase, but I can’t put on a front facing lift with my current mogo lift.

There have been teams that have used a rear-facing lift to much success (ex. 929X), but 95% of internally-stacking teams use a front-facing lift just because it makes cycle time much faster for cones just because the secondary lift (either four bar or chain bar) has to move a lot less when stacking each cone. They also tend to be lighter, but that depends a lot on build quality.

929X has actually been super inconsistent due to the odd lift positioning. Definitely go front-facing.

intaking cones on the same side as mobile goals is also very important for having a good autonomous.

Yeah I can’t think of a way to have an auton where you stack more than your preload with a rear DR4B

That would be a little weird, yeah.

We used a rear-facing lift this season and did really well, however i wouldn’t recommend it unless you are sticking to a chainbar lift robot like us. For DR4B and skizzors front-facing seems to be much better just make sure to leave clearance for the cones as i’ve seen may teams knock over stacks.

Ok thanks for the answers