Front vs Reverse

Which is better? Forward dump/claw bots or reverse?

I think it’s hard to get game objects to the far zone with a forward dumping claw.

For skills it is reverse, but for a match they are very even.

@Avery Hoffmann I disagree with you, personally seeing the 2 designs in Colorado, the reverse is better for both skills and match play as it allows for far zone scoring and depending on the design, it can be less wait. Overall the reverse is more versatility and efficient.

I think these designs compliment each other in an alliance because forward-dumping robots can grab objects near the fence and throw them without turning and backward-dumping robots can grab objects near the field perimeter and throw them without turning.

I agree with you

Rotating when driving is not that hard to do when you have a fast drive.

yes, however hanging is much simpler whenever you have a reverse claw

Our robot can do both, although generally forward goes in the near zone and backwards goes in the far zone. Previously we had a scoop that could only dump stars backwards. Being able to do both has been very helpful and also provides for some strategy. Sometimes putting stars in the near zone is a good defense against robots who must be right against the fence to score. Other times far zone if better. because it earns you more points.