FrontEye Sensor Issue on VR

A student of mine is having an issue with the FrontEye sensor on VR. In the program that she is running it is supposed to turn right when it senses green, left on blue, and stop on red. On her device(s) the robot has gone a bit past the initial point where it should detect color before turning.
image When I loaded the program on my device everything worked out fine. Any thoughts?

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Christian Laird

We just figured out the problem. Initially she was running the program on Safari and Firefox. Once she switched to using Chrome the issue was resolved.


My students often have this problem when they use forever blocks (which I assume your student is using). It is basically due to lagging- either the internet connection isn’t fast enough or the computer isn’t. My students regularly have problems on their school-issued (4gb RAM) laptops, while their code works perfectly on my much nicer laptop, even on the same network using the same browser. The solution to this problem is to use a block, and decrease the velocity. If you don’t use the block, it defaults to 50%. My students have had success by changing the velocity to 30%, and even occasionally 25%. This will of course make the code take much longer to run, but at least it works correctly.

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Thank you both for your post and replies. I had the exact same issue with the exact same assignment. Worked fine on my computer. The kids were getting errors like this almost every run, but the error would occur in different places. One student was still reproducing the problem at velocity = 25%. Interestingly, setting it to 100% seems to have been the cure. No errors after several runs.

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