Frontside autonomous ideas

we are trying to figure out new frontside autonomous ideas for worlds.

That depends on how many plastic balls can you consistently access during autonomous and how far across the field your robot can shoot.

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Some very good ones get all of your close flags, flip the cap and do a platform. I’ve seen a few bots that get a cap on a pole as well, but that’d be hard to not interfere with other robots.

if you have the opportunity to take the two balls in the cap is so good, your process to turn the flags is more efective

The topic of this thread is VEX IQ. Considering the responses Is it correct that this is for VEX IQ or for VEX EDR?

This was posted as a VEX IQ thread but if you look up the team number it is a VRC high school team.


could you give more details about your robot and it’s capabilities?

I would say a good autonomous to shoot for would be alliance side flags (all three), the tilted cap, and a middle flag. I would execute the middle flag as late in the autonomous as possible.

hey whats up! you gets hit the top flag on the middle post and right side post and flip a cap right? (at least this is what i remember from state) i think you guys should def clear the close side post before you work on any flags on the middle or other side post since most teams will completely ignore the close post on their back autonomous and it will prevent double shooting flags which is actually what happened at state with you and me

This is an EDR discussion judging by the posts.

yes it 100% is they were our alliance at state and were edr lol