FTC bot Similartities?

Even without looking at pictures, many teams in FTC and FRC will come up with similar designs. Great minds do think a like after all.

It would be nice if we where going… We lost in the semi finals and got gypped out of the inspire award.

Are you going to any other regionals? How were you cheated out of the inspire Award?

Well maybe the other team did more to deserve the inspire award or impressed the judges more with their presentation.

We did a pretty good job with our inspire award in MA, clearly impressing the judges. We also collected a handful of votes and had a great robot. However, it was clear team 1 unlimited did a lot more to deserve the award, and we are very happy for them.

It was the team that won that got the inspire award. I don’t know much else because I was on a sister team of Syntax Error. I do know they really tried to help other teams. They gave a controller to a team that needed it, gave a limit switch to a team, and helped at least three other teams. Kingswin82 is the person to ask.

The inspire award is always an interesting one because sometimes it is really obvious why the team won it and sometimes it isn’t so obvious. I wish they would give more of an idea than why team X won it.

In all the regionals I’ve been to its usually quite clear why and how a team got the inspire award. Maybe its because I usually know a bit of history about the team, and I’ve seen their work ethic and know they will prepare hard for the inspire award.

If your not sure why a team got the award, just ask them.

Although I do have to admit, it looks to me like judges sometimes differ in opinion from regional to regional.