FTC pics

Does anyone know why first hasn’t put up the pics from last years competition and do you know where to find the video they showed at world?

They have placed some pictures up here, http://www.usfirst.org/community/resourcecenter.aspx?id=744

I don’t know about the video though, you could try a web search. You could also email FIRST and see if they have it.

The very last pic has our robot in it and some team mates to.

try some team websites, they usually have vids and pics of their matches, i know mine hopefully will on the weekend (competition is on saturday)

Good Luck at your competition! and even if your not in them, try to get the finals on vidio, those are always the most exiting matches.

i will dont worry, with my new 7.2 MegaPixel camera (casio elixim) ! sorry to brag i just get excited about getting new thing

Its ok, new electronics are always fun

That’s the camera I have. Mine is orange.