Full CAD parts library

So, I understand that questions like this have been asked before, but where can I find a full VEX parts library? The library offered by inventor is not complete, and it is quite dated.


You can download additional parts on the VEX EDR website in a .STEP format. Inventor will turn those into .IAM files for you.

There have been many threads on the forum in the past about this

If you go to vexrobotics.com, for each product you can download the .step file for that part. I am not sure if there is a single source for all of them. But I am sure if there is, someone on here will let you know.

@536Mentor Yes, I understand you can get the CAD files straight from VEX, but as I understand it, don’t you have to name each individual part, and in addition to that, have to download each part separately.

@TaranMayer I understand the many threads before this asking the same thing, and I looked at them to find a parts library which led me to the Autodesk 5 years outdated one (scroll down), so I decided to ask for myself. Anyways thanks for the parts library.