Full Field Punch

Quickly made this first prototype

I have one motor with a 3:1 gear ratio

this is connected by rack gear on a sliding linear bracket pulled forward with 4 rubber bands size 33 on each side

I need help to get the distance I need for full field I plan to make this have 2 motors So far I shoot about half field at a 45° Angle

What are some suggestions

Make the slide as low-friction as possible. Possibly add more elastics. Test until you achieve full-field!

If you arnt using a slip gear switch to one as it reduces friction and increases launching distance. we are using 2 motors with no gearing. and we shoot full field.

Also make sure any forces applied on the slide are exactly in line with the slide, or it will bind when moving.

Also, just so you know, only size #32 and #64 rubber bands are legal.

How much teeth did you remove? Assuming you used a standard 36 tooth gear.


I am using a slip gear 60 tooth removed about 25 teeth

Good to know our team will most likely need to buy some for our next


How far do you pull back, I am using about two racks also I think I maybe using too many teeth on the slip gear. How many did you leave and how many did you shave?’

Lastly, how many rubber bands have you been using on each side and what size?

Thanks for the help

we are using 3 racks. 6-7 teeth of of a 36 tooth gear. i believe we have 3 elastics on each side. the larger ones. i believe #64? correct me if im wrong.

the only thing is we need to fine tune for accuracy.

Probably a stability issue while mounting the shooter. Could you possibly post a picture?

I use a 36 tooth gear with 6 teeth shaven off.
2 #64 elastics on each side for a total of 4.
I find that one of the most important parts to getting full court shots is to have it barely contact the ball.
We have it stretched 6", and then an other 3" with the pullback, and it just hits the ball a little bit.
About 30˚works for us.

We would perfer to keep our robot confidential as it is a new bot. Samuel Crouch may have some photos of it off of the bot but i do not. Sorry guys

@Samuel Crouch (7842D)

Would you be willing to share picture, much appreciated

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of it. I can probably get them on friday.

+1 to both these suggestions.

Punch vs push seems to go better as does making sure you fully stretch the rubber band to get the most force out of your shot.

Ours does look fairly similar to this one from team 6142W.

This is the closes looking one that I could find anyway.
Just make sure to have it more solid than this one.
And it should also push the ball less.

How did you guys record this? Is it just a camera you guys have or is there a cortex camera?

It’s probably from a go pro mounted on the robot.

I believe that I am having a similar problem. I am using 3 torque motors with 3 #64 rubber bands on each side. We have it connected to a 36 tooth gear with 7 teeth shaved off and it is at a fairly high angle. But we are only able to make it half way across the field. Is the angle the issue? I ask this because it seems to go up more then forward. We’ve been tuning it for quite a while and can’t seem to get it right. Will post pictures when possible. Any suggestions?