Full field puncher team

I was watching the night at the museum matches and saw a team shooting full field with a puncher does anyone know what team that is? Thanks.

@TaranMayer it’s live streaming right now

If you go to the night at the museum (or night at the expo center hehe) then there is a thing labeled webcast it’s all being live-streamed

I take that back. I didn’t realize it was the 25th already. Time flies.

@TaranMayer it’s fine but that team was great

What was the timestamp and on what video? I can see if I recognise it.

I’m not sure I think it was in the qualification match 40s

Can you look for the exact number?

I tried looking but the live video is gone it’s just a 1 minute video

Here is the link to the live streams. When you look at the past events some of them have multiple videos once you click to open it.