Full function c

Is easy a full function c compiler. Will I be able to use all commands commonly used in C like for statements.

Is it also possible to make a custom control scheme in easy c like for a three wheeled holomorphic drive?

Yes it is

Depends which version, all basic commands can be used in all the EasyC programs. If you want to write your own C code without drag and drop blocks you will need to buy EasyC Pro, MPLAB, or ROBOTC


I thought MPLAB was free.



P.S. Check my prior post about Online Code in Mplab posted by Marko


P.S. Check my prior post about Online Code in Mplab posted by Marko

You mean Vex On-Line Controller Code v2.x (Available Source Version 0.80 Beta) Post #9?

You can write all you own Code with EasyC, you just have to use the “User Code” Function Block.
EasyC 1.x won’t support functions, so you will be quite limited. But EasyC 2.x and EasyC Pro (i.e. 3.x) will. See the link, Using MPLAB with the VEX API to write robot code, for a way to use the EasyC Libraries (IIRC they are the WPI Libraries) from standard ‘C’ programming environment.

I originally purchased RobotC, and decided to try EacyC Pro. It does give you the drag-n-drop and ability to write code at the same time. I found some issues with EasyC Pro that I didn’t like; It doesn’t support tasks of any type, not debugger, and it takes 20 seconds to download your app to the controller.

I went back to RobotC which does limited Tasks, is very quick to compile and download. It does have some oddities in that it doesn’t support floating point numbers.

Since I’m trying to write AI code for Robot control this is causing a lot of issues.

Hopefully with the expanded qwerk controller these products will support the full function of ANSI C/C++