Fully Autonomous

I want to run the VEX without the receiver connected – fully autonomous. It appears that the outputs are disabled unless the receiver is attached and the transmitter is turned on.

**You are correct, but there is a way to run User (Fully) Autonomous with no receiver connected. This mode is different from the Competition Autonomous Mode referred to on our Downloads Page. This can’t be done using the easyC software, but is possible if you are using the Prototype Programming Kit with MPLAB. Add this line of code to the User_Initialization routine to run continual autonomous.

txdata.user_cmd |= 0x02;       /* Tell master you want to be in auton mode. */

When you now run the Vex Controller, the EYE LED should be flashing to indicate Autonomous Mode.**

Is there a standalone mode that the Vex Controller can be put into so that it does not get interrupted by the Master processor?

**Yes, the command below lets the User run in standalone mode. It gives the User full control of all registers. In this mode, it is like there is no Master microprocessor; hence, the user must provide their own control loop. This is for the Advanced User and is not supported.

txdata.cmd_byte1 = 0x10; /* Turn off Master Spi Updates /*