Fully Damaged Micro-USB Connector on V5 Brain

My team has completely damaged our micro usb connector on our brain. So far, we have been able to load programs via controllers and the desktop version of Vexcode. What options do we have for repair before we explain the situation with our coach?

micro-USB connector on Brain is “delicate”. Mitigation is to attach a short micro-usb to USB A cable and strain relieve it. Damage is done from pushing too hard to insert cable.

Contact VEX support to arrange an out of warrantee repair of brain. It will cost some $$$ but far less than buying a new one.

Go to coach and be honest - life happens. Offer to fundraise - or volunteer at events as community service for club to defray costs.

Best wishes for remainder of season!


You can confirm w/ vex, but I’m pretty sure you can continue to load programs via the controller as well as update firmware also.

That said… you will destroy the controller’s port in short order also.

A few solutions (to keep this from happening again):

  1. be VERY careful, only plug in at the time of programming
  2. don’t get in a hurry
  3. get a magnetic micro-usb cable. it’s like an apple magsafe but made for micro-usb. they will save your brain AND controller.

WELL worth the $19.


We ended up getting multiple cables stolen at comps. That’s why we have been using normal cables? Should I 3d print casing for trackers to slide onto the cables to prevent theft (even those too would have micro-usb ports…)?

Is it Competition Legal to replace the port w/ a soldering iron?

no. it is not permitted to modify the internals of V5 electronics.


After 1) losing some stuff at competitions and 2) having some brands new motors stolen we’ve had to be very strict on pit organization. In short, there is a box with laptop, tools, parts, etc. If the item is not in your hand, being used, it goes back in the box and is locked. Unfortunate that it’s got to be this way.