Fun at Scrimmages

AURA ran a small informal scrimmage at Westlake Girls High School in Auckland today. After the normal matches and finals and whatnot, we had a bit of fun.

Vex Gateway - Human Division
There were five rules:

  1. One knee must be touching the ground at all times.
  2. All hands must be clenched (i.e. fists, so you can’t use your fingers).
  3. No contact with another human for more than 5 seconds.
  4. Autonomous is simulated by the players closing their eyes.
  5. All other normal relevant Gateway rules apply (i.e. scoring, doubling, objects falling out etc.) other than the ones we obviously can’t follow (i.e. fitting inside 18", made out of vex parts, having a backup battery etc.)

Uh… apologies for the shoddy camera work. And for turning the camera 90 degrees halfway through the video =P

One of the coaches brought their son so we didn’t really count him as robot, hence the five humans on the field. He also won the award for best human robot.

Just the video I didn’t ever want to see again

I’m surprised you didn’t DQ me for jumping across the barrier at one point (doesn’t this break two of the rules?)

Pretty sure the official vex ruling was that if the gates are up you can cross the fence? saw it on Q&A at one point.

There will be some other versions of this popping up over time,
(e.g. my own:
Camera doesn’t randomly get turned, more conversation going on though :P)

Also note that the final score was 34-22 with blue alliance as the winners.

This was EPIC! :slight_smile: we should have a human-robot only scrimmage… but with college rules.
I would post my video up, but is basically the same as Steph’s but from a lower height…

Very cool, but I think only one of those robots would fit into an 18" cube…