Fun Compound Game Ideas?

Just use it as a temporary cube lock. Don’t mind the cube flying at the other alliance’s stacks


I’m not sure if this was the idea the OP came to, but I’m genuinely interested in ITZ with green/orange/purple cones stacked on red/blue mobile goals, and stationary goals serving as towers (with 5-8 of them). Possession and defense rules from ITZ. Obviously this wouldn’t be good for a new game since bots would be the same as ITZ, more like an alternate history for that season.
I’ve also considered NBN and TT;
there’s not much to explain, it’s just nbn except with TT cubes instead of balls
although interesting possibility: replace cubes in TT with colored balls and goal zones with nets, some kind of goals/thing serving as towers.
this is janky cad for a cube kicker I designed when I was burned out on traybotscube kicker 2