Fun Ideas to Finish out the Season

Just starting a new post for some fun ideas to finish out the season. I know there is plenty we can learn but I’m curious to know what others have done in the past. One thought I had was to put all 5 robots on the field for a 60 second programming skills and see how high they can score working as a unit of 5 robots. I know there are other posts out there as well from prior years as well if you have seen one maybe post the link in this thread to take us over to that one.

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scrutinize everything you do in order to make next season better


Some things my team wants to do:

  • Have a scrimmage with some other teams in the city
  • Make robots using V5 for games that were still Cortex
  • Rebuild a Turning Point robot so we can do sick trick shots
  • Make a reveal of our robot
  • And if your school is canceled like us, you can use the time to learn or brush up on CAD or code skills.

I mean a reveal of the bots would be neat. Post season reveals.

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My team made a fun game in order to do outreach before the season starts. And each team is building a small robot in order to do this challenge.