Fun stuff to do with the team outside of Robotics

I love VEX and my team. But while we’re at meetings we have to concentrate the entire time since it takes A LONG TIME to build a robot, program, etc.

I’m looking fun activities to do with my team. Maybe some summer activities while we are on our off-season.

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We like going to get boba tea after competitions or ice skating together!


I like to just hang out and talk but that’s just me. I’d rather talk for 8 hours in a group than pay to get access into an amusement park and feel obligated to go on a ride. I would do a beach bonfire (if ur close to a coast). Or invite everybody to ur house


I was thinking of inviting everyone to like a party but my house is small, especially the living room, so we would have to be a little squished

Ice skating sounds fun!

wait, you guys have a life outside of vex?


yeah, i feel like most of my life outside of vex, is just more vex


I did paintball with my team. It’s fun, but be aware that the pain caused by the paint balls varies depending on the place.

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Build a robot

In all seriousness, if you guys are good friends, do what you would like to! Just because people are on your team doesnt separate them from being your friends.


Water Park…

Water game? :thinking:


Aahhhh, invite me pleaseee (jk lol).

Some ideas
  • Rubber band fight.
  • Go to an amusement park.
  • Host a mini comp between the four of you (y’all would each build your own bots and compete against each other).
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Our girls have gone to escape rooms a few times, had sleep overs after the season, and at the reveal, we had a pizza party before hand then watched the reveal and had the first meeting.

After state we always go play mini golf, race some go-carts, and play some laser tag.

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Have a video game night, make pizza rolls, each person has a 2-Liter of soda, and just have some fun in Smash, BO2, or some Terraria/Minecraft
That’s what works for my team


Ooo I love Smash

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After every competition we normally like to celebrate, before we dive right back into robotics, even if it was a complete failure. We were going to look into a trampoline park because we were getting board of having game days. No wonder they call them board games…

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