Fun vex part names

I just want to hear all of your team’s fun part names

1x20 strip is called bendy-stick, or BS for short


nylon rope is officially known as ‘nylope’


Screws sizes are classified by different terms in our club. There are

  • “Long Johns” (1.5” to 2”)
  • “Medium Johns” (5/8” to 1 1/4”)
  • ”Mini John” (3/8” and 1/2”)
  • “Nublets” (1/4”)

It’s a miracle how we just understand each other with such large ranges. If someone asks for a “long john”, we just give them the exact size they need coincidentally.


Keps nut = “dress”
20 Char

How did this even happen?

dress nut?

Allen wrenches or c-channel being ‘skinny’ or ‘fat’

what is bo3??

I refers to best of three. Bring Bo3 back was an attempt by the community for vex to change tournament matches back to best of three.

Nylon spacers have a unit of the Oasis. Ex. Oasis, half Oasis, quarter Oasis, ect. Bo3 is best of 3. This was the old way elims matches where done.

Bolt cutters are called big scissors, metal sheet cutters are called medium scissors, and paper scissors are called normal scissors.

We dont speak of such phrases within the premise of the GDC. That is why our mighty DRow will save us when the time comes as we prepare our VEX robots using snip snips, crowned nuts, and maintaining our 99.5%.


For the longest time our team called shaft collars “stoppers”.


Grippy boi and skis are some clamp grip things and scissors
We also have 2hole wide C channels as regular channels and 3 hold wides are thick and the 5 hole wides are extra thick
Also we call a 35length C channel a 7wide, referring to it having 7 5hole segments

kelps nuts instead of keps nuts and someone calls c-channels c-bars

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The cartridges being:
Red - break your fingers (long story)
Green - zoom
Blue - zoom zoom

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I mean it ain’t so fun but this ones funny to our team.
The Veteran members of 33011X like to call shaft collars axle locks, but the new members don’t agree to that and there’s a whole Cold War like tensión about the subject matter now lol

nylon spacers = fruit loops


Wrench - Magical Box Wrench
Ratchet Wrench - Racket Wrench
Lock Collars - Doughnuts
Shafts - Fat/Skinny Axles

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