Fun ways to display pins, patches, wristbands

Over the past five years that I’ve attended multiple different comps, I’ve collected hundreds of pins, patches, and wristbands.
It’s only now that I’ve thought of the idea of displaying them, but I’m not quite sure how.

Any fun ideas on how to do this?
Thanks. :wink:

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You can have a box. or put it on a banner. Or just make your team member who does nothing wear all of them.


Just completely cover your robot with them. You might not even be able to see the actual robot, but that doesn’t matter, right? :slight_smile:

I had a Photojournalist Vest with a ton of pockets for tools, parts, phones, etc. I had it pinned up to the max.

A few problems, it became heavy, it jingled when I walked and sitting in a chair with a back caused the pin backers to poke into my back. I wore if for a few years, got sick of it and gave all the pins away.


We took all of our pins and put them on a starstruck cube.


You could make a separate chassis and put them through the unit holes.

It would have to be simple tho. You could even just put them on like a 35 by C channel or L bracket.