Fun with drivetrains

Over the past three weeks our teams have been working towards the “Drivetrain Challenge” that we had today. It was a blast!

What we did was give each team a different set of build plans for a drivetrain. We have five teams and almost everyone is new this year. The drivetrain challenge was something fun and interesting to get everyone started. All five teams built a completely different type of drivetrain, including a “Dragster”, “Power Turtle”, “4 Side Slider”, “Tank”, and “6 Omni Wheel”. It took a couple weeks to get them all built.

Today we set up five different challenges designed to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each drivetrain. The challenges were: Drag Race, Tug of War, Obstacle Course, Mine Field, and Round Track Race. The kids had a lot of fun and I think they learned something too. At the end of the competition I brought out a couple other more obscure and complicated designs (crab drive and kiwi drive). Everyone got a chance to drive.

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Sounds like a blast! Good challenge to get them to thinking.