fun with shooters...

You will need to consider when will you be using the shooter (or catapult).
e.g. will you be deploying it only from hanging zone to goal zone? Or in both directions?

If you are using motors, the fluctuations is not much.
As for pneumatic-powered, you will need to test the 2 extreme limits as well.

maybe both :cool:

ah good point, i didn’t mention that. I was planning on shooting from both directions. Not really planning to use it in the middle zone though. if we launch the balls from a height higher than 14 inches, we should overcome most of the problems from the barrier.

this looks like it can shoot balls with a little bit of tweaking :wink:

LOL! When raised to around 30" or so the balls would hit the ground around 4’ away with enough momentum to roll over the bump. At 42" they would go into the starting zone but it’s not worth raising up all the way and being vulnerable to being bumped and tipped.

In your case, that would depend on how crowded those areas are. With the amount of objects in the hanging zone, and the scoring opportunities in the goal zone, the middle zone will theoretically be less congested. If you timed your positioning just right, when your opponents are working in other regions, you’d have a better shot.

now only if i could post that mother of god meme.

The flaps make a big difference in dispensing. We never had that much force with nsp. But then again, we have a different expansion system as well.

Now i’m curious how your intake ran on 2:1 XD

It was chain driven with 6 and 12 tooth sprockets.

Oh, no I meant how well it ran with a 2:1 ratio. The balls rolled out so cleanly with such force. Doubling the ratio could be impressive. Just imagine the potential with teams passing balls to each other.

But I’m surprised. Why 6 and 12 sprockets? I know 6 was notable for skipping, especially when rollers are cantilevered. I would of expected 12 and 24. Dimension shouldn’t be an issue with the 12 teeth because of the size of your roller. I would think playing with the 24 tooth would fall into place somewhere

I tested a 1:4.8 intake no stalling picking up bucky balls… Big balls however it would stall but might not with some tweaking. The thing I didn’t like was if you didn’t line up right the objects you tried to pickup would roll further away from you. A reason why a slower intake maybe better. If only somehow we could efficiently use only motor for side rollers.

The great with this was the fact that when you went to outake it rolled the bucky about 16 feet across my living room.

I wish I had some video

Could you elaborate more on this? Unless you were really off, I would think the balls would be pushed towards the center. Are you sure this wasn’t due to drivetrain speed or flaps. What was the angle of your intake at the time?