Functions: How do they work? A learning Thread

It’s my first year, and I use specifically and only V5 C++. I know many other coders and have seen many other people having trouble on this forum, and I wonder if there’s a way that we could have this as a big thread for learning functions.

I, personally, would hugely benefit from this knowledge, but I cannot find straightforward ways of learning all of them and how to use them, where to use them, and what they were originally for. This could help with special controls, things like Odometry and PID code, and many other things.

Could anyone please start explaining functions in this thread? I would like it if there was a way to get experienced people and those new in code involved alike.


I suggest using online resources such as, or From those you could find detailed descriptions of how to use functions. The VEX Knowledge Base is also a great resource with curated articles on C++ basics (!

Hope this helps :wink:


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