As of right now I’m going to be on a team by myself next season. The downside to this is that I won’t be getting a large check from my previous mentors workplace so I’m basically starting from scratch money wise. I’m wanting to know some other websites that would help me to raise money for the upcoming season at a reasonably low cost(I looked at gofundme but 7.9% out of donations sounds a bit high). Yes I know to check around locally and I’m going to attempt to do that but I really just want to know about some other funding sites that maybe you all have heard of/used before.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, gofundme and other sites give your the social network connections. You can give direction to donors to send checks directly to you and acknowledge them on gofundme. If you get donors who don’t want to write a check and mail it, but are cool with using their credit card on gofundme, then you have funds you did not have before.

I think gofundme is a good platform, but certainly not the only one. I am interested in hearing about others as well as we do our fundraising drive for Worlds.

Has anyone had any experience with the new edco system that is on the REC website? It looks more school based, but it might be an option.

This is the first I have seen this. It looks interesting though the cost is almost identical to gofundme. They split a 7.8% fee plus $0.30 transaction fee between the school and the donor. I do believe there has been some research that indicates that when a fee is charged to the donor, the donors, on average, do not reduce their contributions by the amount of the fee.

We may give this a try.

Also take a look at youcaring - I saw this mentioned before on vexforum - no platform fee, just merchant fees.

I’m actually looking into freefunder. It doesn’t charge any fees and it’s still social media based. I also sent an email to edco because i’m not part of a school and i’m waiting for a response back :slight_smile:

Posting your PayPal address

I sent them an email about 9:15 this morning and have not heard back either. Let me know when you hear from them and I will do the same.

I got the “we’ve recieved your email and created a ticket” email almost right after I sent them the email. I saw somewhere that then they assign one of their representatives to kind of help you out personally and they said that is usually started within 24 hours of you sending them the email so anytime now for me :slight_smile:


Nevermind, i accidently closed the ticket soooo

Any chance you could recruit more teammates? How large of an area are you looking to field a team from?

The town north of you has the 323 teams. You think about joining them? I drive 10 miles to our warehouse. That seems about the distance between your towns.

You did better than me. I think I will send them another email in the morning if I have not heard back from them.

182 is a 323/cornerstone team :stuck_out_tongue:
We just changed our number from 323 to 182 because theres some limit about how many teams from one organization can be in an event, at least in Indiana.
We have a recruitment meeting in May for any local people who are interested in the program but lately that hasn’t met with much success as to my knowledge :frowning:
I do know a couple people that would like to join but they wouldn’t be able to pay a fee to join but if i can get money elswhere than they may be able to join for free :slight_smile:
I’m thinking about maybe letting them on anyway if they want because them not being able to pay won’t change and i could use a bit of help…

@Joseph W(182 C) I got the instructions. PM me your email address and I will forward the instructions to you.

Actually the student response has been great, its the lack of mentors that has limited the number of Cornerstone teams. I had to turn away 5 VRC students and 12 IQ students last year for lack or mentors.

This May I’m expecting a handful of VRC students and 30-40 IQ students to turn in applications. I’ve already been working with 3-4 new IQ mentors so have a good start on being able to accommodate IQ students.

I know these numbers seem low compared to some organizations, but Cornerstone only actively recruits from the homeschool community.

I am also looking at what Edco offers for fundraising, but have found that businesses/individuals that have a personal connection with the student or parent is by far the most successful method followed by going in person to local businesses.

Ok. My mistake. I may have to see about recruiting some people then :slight_smile: