Fundraising for small school teams

Hello! So, some of you may have heard of our team number. Either from us, 4004Y, or our predecessors 4004A and 4004X , who were powerhouses in the Vex world. These teams have graduated, and we are now left with one team (us), no booster club, and little money in our account. We wanted good fundraising ideas for small town teams, especially fundraisers that can easily be done without a booster club or many volunteers. We are hoping to raise enough money to be able to go to Worlds if we qualify, and enough carry over to buy V5 next season. Any and all suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!!

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So, I believe a good move would be to reach out to local businesses (maybe even engineering companies in your area) and offer advertisement in exchange for funding. Maybe a sticker on your robot/field and/or advertisement at an event you host? Speaking of which, hosting events can be a great fundraiser. You can make money off of concessions and registration fees.


Run concessions at your high school activities to make money.

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My FRC team has advertised on the robot with a lexan plate somewhere. You could do the same on the sides of your drive train or something if there are too many mechanisms higher on the robot.
I would also try to apply for grants. My school club gets a lot of funding through STEM Education grants.


We recieved a grant from an industrial organization supporting STEM activities in the area. You could look for those online at places like National Association for Manufacturing, Society of Automotive Engineers, IEEE, National Defense Industries Association, and the like. That really helped.

Another activity that you could do is contact your elementary schools to see if there is a way to host a paid after school activity that teaches STEM to your elementary school students. We have done this in the past and its worked out well. It takes about 2 hours a week after school and runs for a month, so its not intrusive on other activites the kids have. As the students running it, they get a portion of the funds generated from the kids registering. The thing I liked is its not selling something.


This caught my eye. I love that idea, as it is a community outreach project as well as a fundraiser. We will definitely have to check into it. Thanks!!

Thanks. The girls have done it many times for those in 5th grade. The big issue is finding the activities and the materials to support them. The ones we have done have involved Lego construction activities of very simple machines that demonstrate simple concepts. After building the base item, the kids end up making their own variations and trying the challenges. The kids have a good time doing the construction, I mean, its Legos… they learn some basic concepts, and its a FANTASTIC thing to have ready to discuss with the judges.

At the end of the sessions, we have brought the competition robot and explained how the big robot worked compared to the simple machines they built over the past few weeks. There is plenty of similar mechanisms to relate to.

There are some wild kids, of course, but there will be a few that are in the group that things will click with. Those are the ones that come see us when they get to 6th grade and want to be on the team. We have been self sustaining for 5 years now based on doing this, having siblings and friends of family join in.