Fundraising for US Open

I recently got the ok from my school to attend the US Open competition next month. My school offered to pay the registration fee, but will not supply anything else. As an individual, I myself can not afford the cost of attendance (including hotels, gas money, food, etc.). I have looked at other fundraising forums posted here, and they have definitely given me some good ideas. Is that go fund me site really legitimate? I have seen sites like that that are scams, but considering many of you recommend it, I would think it is legit. My school has basically neglected to help with any sort of fundraising, so what other fundraisers are there that are easy for an individual to hold?

Good job on being able to go to the us open!

Gofundme is legitimate but with so much campaigns on there, the only way for you to make money would be to invite lots of friends and family. I don’t really like fundraisers, it takes so much work but doesn’t make as much money. You don’t have much time to fundraise too, only 2 weeks. Your best chance is to make a gofundme campaign and invite all your friends and family to donate, be sure to make a good one.

Here are two recent threads, don’t know if you’ve seen them yet but there’s some good info there for anyone looking for fundraising ideas. With little time left, your best bet will most likely be to look for companies to sponsor you.

2 weeks is not enough time to schedule a meeting with a company or get familiar enough with them to get them become a sponsor. But there is time to get them to give a donation.

Approaching a random company probably won’t work in the time left (at least not for any larger donations/sponsorship), but if parents are working at companies and know/are the right people (management usually) you may have better luck.

If you are able to raise the money to come, and you want to control expenses a little, there is a less expensive hotel here that teams have stayed in when we had our state championship here. I referred them to this hotel which had good reviews on, a travel/reservation website. I asked them at the tournament and they said it worked out great for them. It will not have a shuttle so you might need a rental car if you don’t drive up, but the price/room is around $60/night, so depending on the no. of rooms you will need it might pay off. The hotel is an easy 10 min. drive to the Mid-American Center. Just trying to relay a little local info for cost savings if that helps. The web site for the hotel is:

Two weeks isn’t a lot of time, but my team is going and about a month ago we went around to local companies and asked for donations. They seem to be a lot more likely to donate if you go in person rather than sending a letter or calling. I would recommend bringing a letter with you though signed by your mentor and on school letterhead explaining about the trip and the costs and how hard you guys worked to get there, because a lot of companies want to make sure you’re not just scamming them. This worked really well for us, we actually raised more than enough to cover the cost of the trip. You can also apply online or send a letter to really big company headquarters, we got some money that way. Anyways, if they say they can’t get it in two weeks, you can always be reimbursed once the money comes in. Also, try and hold an after school bake sale. Kind of weird, but we usually get between $100 and $150 per bake sale that we hold, and every bit helps and you can do it on short notice.