Fundraising idea proposal, VEX NFT

Would making a vex themed NFT be a good idea to make funds for a robotics team. Would it even be legal?


No, please no.

Just no.


nfts don’t (usually) make much money for the original seller unless initially sold at a high price, so it wouldn’t be that viable of a fund raiser, a lemonade stand would probably make more


This sounds like the death of Vex Robotics


you could probably manage this in a legal manner. I think it would be pretty interesting and innovative to see as well. I hope someone from vex takes the initiative to do something like this.

NFTs in almost all cases make the most money for the creator of the collection.

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Creators might almost always make the most, but for most cases, the collection won’t sell enough to help fund a robotics club.


If someone, anyone would buy your robot art or CAD as an NFT for $1200, yes, you could pay for worlds, but you can achieve the same with sponsors. And sponsors get their name on team gear unlike NFT buyers.


the main problem with our team is we have little to no funding at all, we recently were granted 500 for field elements to perhaps host our own comp at our school in the future. I agree with what everyone has to say, and ultimately an NFT although providing some kind of funding, it may very well not be the most viable option, as well as being difficult to make, and then sell. Thank you all for your feedback

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You would be better off with a bake sale, car wash, etc than with some electronic scam. Sell advertising on your team shirts, on your robot, etc. On the events you hold during the year, sell advertising on the clear panels of the field (at $20 each thats $240 per event)

NFT = Not For Thinkers

The NFT scam goes, I create an NFT for $10, sell it to fake person 1 for $50. FP2 buys it for $100. FP3 buys it for $200. FP4 gets it for $500. Then sold to someone that doesn’t know what is going on for $1000 (Hey look this has jumped in value from $10 to $500 in only 6 months).



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god no. that is just a horrible idea