Fundraising Suggestions

I’ve been hoping to start a new team next year (probably VRC, either independent or in association with a school who would give me freedom to do what I think is best for the team), and I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions about which companies to ask about sponsorships.

I imagine the best companies would be local businesses who do something where the skills specific to robotics would be helpful.

Once we know who the students are, we could also ask businesses owned by people who they know, but I haven’t found anyone who is interested in being on the team yet.

I have a lot of metal, wheels, and gears from the Cortex Era already, so if I got a V5 brain and motors (currently about $699 if bought new), I would likely have enough for the students to build a robot.

Edited again to add:
I’m also thinking of creating a GoFundMe or something similar, with more info about the team in that. (Though I would prefer something where I can bring in money and allow the donators to earmark it for use in the ways they prefer, since there are multiple types of teams I’m thinking of starting, and some people might only donate to one or the other.)

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