Hey members of the VEX forum!
My name is Taylor Acelin, and I’m from team 8079 T and R from Two Rivers Magnet High School. This is our second year joining VEX, and as manager, I wanted to do some further investigating on how to better our team.
As of a month or two ago, I’ve been trying to raise money for my team. I understand the secrecy teams want for their sponsors and ways to raise money, but as a new team I was hoping to get some tips. So far, I ran one fundraiser and I’m in the middle of another. Since our team is local to Hartford, our first fundraiser was Granny’s Pies from East Hartford. We made more than expected, but it is far off from where we want to be. I’m in the process of selling from Short Beach Candle Company in Branford. It’s a tough time to be fundraising around the early months in our school because my school offers end of the year trips, and they’re a bit expensive. This is around the time they start fundraising for those. Last year, being our first year, was beginners luck for us, I shall say. We were fully funded by CREC (as we go to a CREC school) but this year, they aren’t as open arms.
This year we haven’t done so well, and with more money, I feel as if it will cause us less worries; not having to worry about cutting metal the wrong way because we don’t have a backup piece, can’t forget about charging batteries, making sure to have more than one good robot, etc.
Any tips or pointers anyone has, please feel free to comment! Thank you so much, and I hope the season is going well for all of you.

This is always a fun option that supports both your team and VEX.