Just wondering, but how do other teams fundraise? We’ve done the Hexbugs but in our area nobody seemed too interested in buying.
Our school isn’t able to help us, I’m sure other teams are facing the same problems, and we’re really having trouble brainstorming fundraising ideas. We can’t do bake sales or anything on our campus because other clubs have claimed certian things and we cannot “copy” them.

A team in our area has become quite talented at killing two birds with one stone. They do robot demos and “drive a Protobot” events for elementary school science fairs and Cub Scout meetings. In exchange for providing hi-tech entertainment, they ask to sell Hexbugs. They usually sell $150-800 per event AND they get to spread the word about youth robotics.

Thank you, this sounds like a great idea! I’ll see if we can do something like this.