Funniest/Best moments at vex worlds 2019

What were your best and funniest moments at worlds?

Don’t forget VEX IQ is still yet to come!

Paul and Paige exchanging insults was pretty funny though.


I don’t have one for worlds but I got one for state. It was my first robotics competition because I was too busy during past robotics competitions to go. anyway the guy who greets everyone before competition starts asked in joking manner that I did not pick up if this was anyone’s first competition this year. well being the idiot I am I raised my hand and the whole crowd all turned to me like he has to be joking


it gets better (well worse for me) from there. the place had stairs in their gym and the very first thing my team told me was do not fall down stairs. immediately I said ok and right when I said ok I tripped on nothingness and fell down a total of 3 flights of stairs. and they actually got that on the stream that went on facebook and twitter. my mom recorded it cause she was watching stream on facebook and saw her son falling down stairs. and worst of all the girl I had mad crush on saw the whole thing go down. she was the one that told me don’t fall down stairs. she has not let it go since